Bear Tribe

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The Bear Tribe is the most brutish tribe on the island of Krashin, and has been since the Raven Tribe became more focused on trading between other port cities. The majority of the tribe lives in the eastern area of Krashin, the area known, quite simply, as "Bearland". Nearly all clans in the tribe shun outsiders, and any they should encounter, they will most likely pass by, some of the more aggressive clans going so far as to attack any persons they encounter that are not part of their own tribe. The fact that they shun those in the other tribes, and any persons not from Krashin, together with the fact that most of their disputes are solved through violence, explains why their numbers have slowly been declining over the last 120 years or so.

The various clans in the tribe will not always agree on matters to do with them, and most of the time, any disputes will be solved through violence. Some clans have been completely wiped out due to inter-clan violence, so it is not surprising that there are only a few clans left in the Bear Tribe. Some people in the tribe think that the few remaining clans should band together, forming one singular clan-tribe. Whilst the tribe is slowly declining in numbers, it is still quite large, though smaller in numbers than the Raven Tribe. In reality, only a few of the dozen or so clans are declining, as the other clans in the tribe are extremely large, and are able to exist unaided.

Most of the clans in the Bear tribe still partake in raids on a fairly regular basis, often going to the western part of Krashin, and raiding areas controlled by the Wolf Tribe, but occasionally raiding the small camps of the Wolverine Tribe clumped in the northern parts of Krashin.

Those in the Bear Tribe tend to charge into forays with reckless disregard for the own safety, and are often oblivious to anything happening around them, meaning that chaos is rife in such encounters. This will normally work in their favor, as they are used to fighting with such unorganized, and some consider unorthodox, methods.

Many of the warriors of the Bear Tribe have a unique ability to "transform" into a bear form, although not all in the tribe have this ability, some of those in other tribes also have this ability, although it is less common among the other tribes. Those that have done this many a time, are able to harness this power, and are able to change more often, and into much stronger forms of the bear. Many consider this ability to be the result of a spiritual connection with the bear, which is shown through their fighting prowess and their physical strength.