Brokanian: Mannerisms

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No movement of a brokanian goes without purpose. Their steps are graceful and measured. Their backs constantly straight. Their hand and arm placement adequately positioned to invite viewers to observe and admire them. Their head always looking upright and rarely bothering to look below them; a sign of arrogance they enjoy very much in spreading. This magnanimous poise often changes to a slithering snakelike one when they approach those of less honor.

Becoming dangerous creatures that hide behind veils of mystery, often accompanied by powerful magic, brokanians on the prowl are not seen until they want to be seen. This, with their rather attractive composure, makes them creatures of distracting poses.

When battle strikes, brokanians evaluate their opponents from a distance; in doing so, they will either remain arrogantly poised and uncaring, or slinking in the darkness behind their magic or their environment. Yet, in either form, they remain completely attentive and alert.

A corrupted form of brokanian can also be found on Layonara, these are called najashanian. They are mostly found on the Dragon Isles.