Chaotic Good

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Chaotic Good characters believe that a formal structure of morals or law will primarily harm people, and restrict their freedom. They believe that freedom is of paramount importance. They do not have formal sets of moral rules; they pursue good ends by whatever means are at hand. (Of course, those means must not be excessive or inappropriate; this would defeat the purpose.) They will oppose social institutions or structures that limit freedom, especially if they limit happiness.

Chaotic Good Characters:

  • Keep their word to any other good person.
  • Lies only to neutral or evil people.
  • Never attack or kill an unarmed foe.
  • Never harm an innocent.
  • Never torture for pleasure or information. Threats may be permissible.
  • Never kill for pleasure.
  • Always tries to help others.
  • Distrusts authority.
  • Works well in groups, but dislikes confining rules and 'red tape'.
  • Never take dirty money or items.
  • Never betray a friend.