Craftable Natural Resources

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A plethora of Craftable Natural Resources (CNR) exist in the world of Layonara. Whether gathering grain, mining metals, or collecting clay, many adventurers take breaks from slaying fierce beasts to gather materials for use in crafting - or take up arms and fight through fierce beasts to get to those materials.

It takes different methods to acquire different CNR. While not an exhaustive list, here are some of the common ones.

  • Most plants, and lots of other CNR may be freely gathered by anyone who happens to wander by, simply by clicking on it, then dragging the item into the character's inventory.
  • Sand and clay require a shovel to be in the players inventory.
  • Wood and metal are harvested by "attacking" the tree or vein with a woodcutters ax or heavy pick respectively.
  • Gemstones must be mined by clicking on the deposits while having a chisel equipped.
  • To get Feathers and Animal skins, first the animal has to be killed, and then a skinning knife must be equipped while looting the corpse.
  • Many resources can or must be bought from crafting merchants, or made using other crafts.
  • In order to have access to the equipment in the craft halls so that gathered CNR can be used, characters must acquire crafting badges, which can be purchased from any local craft merchant.

Also see A Quick Guide to Crafting.

It is considered abuse of the crafting system to craft while intoxicated, poisoned, or cursed (self-inflicted or otherwise) as a means of artificially depressing ability scores to make a given craftable item more &challenging, and a violation of the server rules. Do not abuse the crafting system in this manner.

There are thirteen crafts available in Layonara.


The art of combing, separating, and distilling matter, Alchemists are sought to create healing draughts and other potions, as well as to make metallic coatings for weapons.

  • Typical CNR used: A wide variety, from gemstone dust, to beetle guts, to fruit juices.
  • Typical items produced: Potions, metallic enhancements.
  • Abilities used: Intelligence and Wisdom.
  • Related Crafts: Gem Crafting, Food Crafting, and others.

Armor Crafting

Working with metals from soft copper to the finest mithril, those skilled in Armor Crafting can create the protective gear demanded by adventurers.

  • Typical CNR used: Metal ingots.
  • Typical items produced: Armors, shields, and helms.
  • Abilities used: Strength and Dexterity.
  • Related Crafts: Smelting.


Enchanters are a diverse group, some channelling divine energy into vials of water, others polishing gems with alchemical oils and creating elemental enchantments.

  • Typical CNR used: Fine gemstones, undead parts, and various others.
  • Typical items produced: enchanted gems, elemental enchantments, and potions of cure.
  • Abilities used: [[../charisma/|Charisma]] and Wisdom, or Intelligence and Wisdom, depending on what the character is making.
  • Related Crafts: Gem Crafting, Infusing, Tinkering.
  • Note: Many applications require the ability to cast specific spells.


Whether waiting patiently with a rod and reel in hand, or stalking fish with a bow and arrow, fishers will never go hungry.

  • Typical CNR used: fishing arrows, worms.
  • Typical items produced: Carp, trout, pike, and catfish.
  • Abilities used: Dexterity and Wisdom.
  • Related Crafts:

Food Crafting

Master of the kitchen, a Food Crafter can not only turn raw produce into mouth-watering pies and brew wines and ales, but can also process wood to make scrolls and sandpaper.

  • Typical CNR used: A wide variety, including grains, raw meats, salt, eggs, sawdust.
  • Typical items produced: breads, meat roast, ales, and scrolls.
  • Abilities used: Constitution and Wisdom.
  • Related Crafts: Wood Crafting, Scribing

Gem Crafting

Gem crafters cut and polish raw minerals to turn them into the fine gemstones required by many other crafters, and also set gems into rings and amulets.

  • Typical CNR used: Mineral gemstones and metal ingots.
  • Typical items produced: Fine gemstones, gem dusts, and jewellery.
  • Abilities used: Charisma and Dexterity.
  • Related Crafts: Infusing, Enchanting, Alchemy, and Scribing.


Infusing is the art channelling spells into objects, saving spells' power for when they are needed most.

  • Typical CNR used: Fine gemstones and wooden shafts.
  • Typical items produced: Spell gems and wands.
  • Abilities used: Charisma, Intelligence and Wisdom.
  • Related Crafts: Gem Crafting, Wood Crafting.
  • Note: Only spellcasting classes may become infusers.

Musical Instrument Crafting

Discriminating musicians craft their own instruments, creating things that can turn a good performance into a great one, and a great performance into a moment that will never be forgotten.

  • Typical CNR used: Wood branches, silk.
  • Typical items produced: Violins, mandolins, tambourines.
  • Abilities used: Intelligence and Dexterity.
  • Related Crafts:
  • Note: Musical Instrument Crafting is limited to the bard class.

Poison Making

To add that little extra sting to an arrow or blade, many less scrupulous fighters hunt down substances existing in nature and distill them for martial application.

  • Typical CNR used: Spider poisons.
  • Typical items produced: Poisons.
  • Abilities used: Dexterity and Intelligence.
  • Related Crafts:
  • Note: Poison Making is available only to True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Neutral Evil and Lawful Evil characters. In addition, characters must have Weapon proficiency (simple) or Weapon proficiency (rogue).


Although the stereotype of a frail old mage tediously working in a dark tower by candlelight is not always true, the art of producing magic scrolls is not something pursued by the impatient. The inks must be specially crafted, and spells must be carefully channeled while scribing the magic words.

  • Typical CNR used: Honey, eggs, blank scrolls, gem dusts, and others.
  • Typical items produced: Inks and spell scrolls.
  • Abilities used: Intelligence and Wisdom.
  • Related Crafts: Cooking, Gem Crafting.
  • Note: Spellcasting is required to make scrolls, although ink can be made by anyone.


For most uses of metals, the raw product which is mined is insufficient; it must be smelted first. Smelters remove impurities and then cast the ore into standard uniform weights, for ease of use in later processes.

  • Typical CNR used: Metal nuggets.
  • Typical items produced: Metal ingots.
  • Abilities used: Dexterity and Strength.
  • Related Crafts: Armor Crafting, Weapon Crafting, Tinkering, and others.


Encompassing leatherwork, weaving, needlework, cordwaining, and other specializations, Tailoring is a flexible trade. Some tailors like to brag that theirs is the most important tradeskill, for without them no one would be clothed.

  • Typical CNR used: Animal skins, silk, cotton, salt, and others.
  • Typical items produced: Leather armors, belts, healing kits, bags.
  • See Skinnable Animals for more information on pelts.
  • Abilities used: Dexterity and Intelligence.
  • Related Crafts: Alchemy and others.


From glass-blowing to casting molds to trapmaking, Tinkerers know how to create a wide variety of things from simple materials.

  • Typical CNR used: Sand, clay, metal ingots, and assorted odds and ends.
  • Typical items produced: Glass ingots, crystal rods, traps, wires.
  • Abilities used: Dexterity and Intelligence.
  • Related Crafts: Gem Crafting, Woodcrafting, Enchanting, Weapon Crafting, and others.

Weapon Crafting

It takes a strong arm to smith the tools of battle, but since Layonara is a world filled with conflict, there will always be those working at the forge, ready to supply the weapons to settle those conflicts.

  • Typical CNR used: Metal Ingots.
  • Typical items produced: Weapons.
  • Abilities used: Dexterity and Strength.
  • Related Crafts: Smelting.

Wood Crafting

The favored craft of fighters who eschew metal weapons, as well as those seeking to make furniture or the shafts of magic wands.

  • Typical CNR used: Wood Branches, bow strings, feathers.
  • Typical items produced: Wooden weapons and shields, arrows, and more.
  • Abilities used: Dexterity and Strength.
  • Related Crafts: Food Crafting, Infusing, Tinkering, Tailoring.