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Bless these crops, Lady of the Harvest, that they will grow strong and multiply in harmony with our community. Bless us with this reaping that our sills and tables will sag with weights of pie and bread.

-Blessing used by John Creedo, still repeated by farmers during sowing

Time to cheer! Pass the beer! Set the nets and don the gear! Kiss your butts goodbye my dears, the mighty Creedo Crows are here!

-Traditional Crows chant before games, sung to the opposing team

Built up the cliff side where the Bay of Peace has etched into a small aging mountain range, Creedo is a gently sloping wonder of a city. From the harbor, a meticulously paved path, called the Brazier Way, climbs up and east to the town, lined with stone braziers that are lit every evening and always busy with foot traffic, carts, wagons and livestock moving to and from the ever-expanding docks. The road undulates gently, as do the rocky hills forming a gray cradle around the city. Wherever the rock has given way to nature's relentless caress there are trees planted, and orchards and gardens dot the landscape. The city itself has no walls as it's on a plateau in front of even higher hills; the main way in or out is via the Brazier Way.

A natural basin in the rock has been leveled and stepped to create the Creedo Amphitheater, used for the sporting events that are wildly popular among those who dwell in Creedo.