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Denshou is located on a rough sand and pebble beach, along a coastline carved by wind and waves into short cliffs. There is a shallow inlet on the southern part of the city with quieter waters and a small island to the west, just offshore and covered in trees that are harvested for timber. There are not many animals around the city that aren't imported but some of the native squirrels have made it to the island. Rats and goutaro share the seashore but never together as the goutaro destroy most of the rats on sight.

The city is a mix of traditional and Mistonian architecture, not scattered every which where as Huangjin but laid out with military precision on a grid; residents in one section, the marketplace in another, the shipyards and timber mills along the beach and piers. There is a place for everything in Denshou and everything is in its place. Even the small home gardens that struggle to grow in the sandy soil do so in neat rectangles lined with driftwood and stones.