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Furniture can be used to create storage or decorate player housing. Characters are able to purchase furniture from a furniture vendor, found in Real Estate offices around the world. A deed is purchased and placed in a character's inventory. The deed can only be used in a player owned house, but anybody that can enter a house can use a deed there. After the furniture is placed, a furniture tool wand may be used to rotate, lock, unlock or destroy the item. Destroying a piece of furniture returns the deed for that piece of furniture to the character's inventory, but any items in a container when it is destroyed will be lost. Only the person that places the furniture may move or destroy the furniture piece.

There are well over one hundred furniture pieces that can be purchased to decorate a home, including beds, chests, fireplaces, baths, plants, a myriad of decorations, key creaters and housing portals.


  • The maximum number of furniture placeables allowed in a single house is two hundred (200).