Graceful Pleas

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All players have three (3) "Graceful Pleas" for each character. These Graceful Pleas can be used for a "no fault" return or reimbursement. Graceful Pleas can be used for things such as (but not limited to):

  • Soul Strand reimbursements

  • Item replacement due to loss from inventory mis-management, accidental discards or the like

  • Name, description or appearance changes with no IC justification

  • Relevel beyond the normally-allowed thresholds

  • Fulfillment of any other Dispute, Grievance or Request that has been denied (excluding denial by lore reasons)

  • Returning of a previously permed character that has not been deleted from our server vault (see special note below)

  • Any other request denied for any reason

Once a Graceful Plea has been granted, it cannot be reversed, except through using another Graceful Plea. There will be no refunds of Graceful Pleas for any reason. Once all Graceful Pleas have been used up, you may not use any more for that character. You may not use your Graceful Pleas for one character for any other character, whether under your control or not.

For players wishing to restore a permed character, please read the section under Soul Strands Policy titled: Special note regarding the loss of a character's final Soul Strand.

In the event that a player commits a bannable offense, all Graceful Pleas for all characters are subject to forfeit. A Graceful Plea may not be used to reverse a banning decision.