Grand: Prayers and Holy Days

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Prayers to Grand are rough and to the point, often not more than short sentences like: "Grand, make me strong!"

Holy Days

Twice a year since ascending to head of the church, Jukha calls a meeting of the tribal leaders on Mistone. This meeting has no set membership and representation is not mandatory. However, during this time, captured dwarves, elves, humans, and anyone else on hand, including recalcitrant orcs, will be sacrificed to Grand for his approval. The axes of the leaders who have brought sacrifices are bathed in the hot blood of the dead as a blessing. Those who have greatly pleased Jukha or Grand might also have an enchantment added to their weapon at the discretion of Jukha or Grand. The meetings are held in Girding at the anniversary of Jukha's vision and in the middle of Loot.

An orc who worships the Forger of Contempt is required to make his own weapon. On the day the weapon is finished, he must go out and kill with it; animals are sufficient, and elves, humans, and especially dwarves are preferred. On each anniversary (or as close to it as the orc in question can remember), he must again kill with his axe to celebrate Grand. The ritual begins again with each new axe made.