Hilm Castle

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Hilm Castle is dreadfully close to the Cradle of Death, and lies Northwest of the Orsgaunt Mountains in the Hilm Protectorate. Hilm also lies to the north of Xandrial's former keep, away from the more heavily populated areas of Belinara. These two facts give Hilm some room to maneuver on this demon-dominated continent. 

For ages, Hilm ruled the north as the last major settlement on the road to the Great Forest. By looking at the arrangement, you would likely have thought Hilm ruled with an iron fist, putting the wild folk of the forest under the civilized boot. This is simply not the case. Hilm established its authority in the northern regions by repeatedly defending the interests of the Great Forest and its residents from the waves of settlers and treasure seekers who fled the central region of Belinara, tortured and convoluted in the seismic events of the Cataclysm. Hilm regulated all traffic north, allowed only some to continue into the forest and turned back many. This, of course, makes Hilm particularly unpopular with the residents of the lands to the south. The forest folk to the north, however, have a deep respect for Hilm that they are reminded of daily as they enjoy the wilds in which they reside.

This conflict, like all other conflicts on Belinara, shows signs of flaring up. The southerners, possessed with demonic rage, grasp at targets to lash their hate upon. To them, Hilm is a perfect choice. Only minor forces have thrown themselves upon the Hilm walls thus far. Either they are wild groups of the demonically driven whipped into a spontaneous frenzy and thus unorganized, or they are simply testing the defenses. In either case, fear intensifies in Hilm, as all within its walls can feel the darkness sweeping across the Tortured Lands toward their gates.

At the edge of the Fields of Demise and the Orsgaunt Mountains stands Hilm Castle.

Population: TBD

GP limit: TBD

Aligment: Lawful Good

Hilm is heavily defended with high stone walls and well designed battlements.