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Adept at hiding and being unseen, Shadowdancers are nimble artists of deceiving the eye. Because of their mastery of stealth and their generally mysterious nature, Shadowdancers are also viewed with at least some measure of distrust, even by their friends and those who may employ them as scouts or spies. As a result of this nature and the general distrust people have for them, Shadowdancers are typically solitary individuals, and they find little welcome even among other Shadowdancers. A Shadowdancer's most prominent tools are exceptional agility and quickness, though even this cannot explain all they are capable of doing.

An adept Shadowdancer can disappear from sight in the blink of an eye, stalk one's enemies and attack them with both grace and lethality before disappearing once more just as fast. Such mastery also allows them to avoid or lessen attacks that might otherwise be fatal. Their training makes them equally at home in light as in shadows and even darkness. It is said that Shadowdancers can even bend shadows to their will, though this has been impossible to prove and is considered myth by most. Even so, many fantastic stories have been told of Shadowdancers and their seemingly supernatural abilities.

Important OOC notes regarding Shadowdancers:

Shadowdancers on Layonara are diverged from the D&D standard in terms of lore and the nature of their abilities. In order to make this clear to everyone, please read and understand the following for each Shadowdancer ability –

Hide in Plain Sight – This is a combination of being good at hiding and using any available cover as well as a form of magical* invisibility, so there are physical and magical aspects to this.
Darkvision – This is a purely physical adaptation stemming from training.
Evasion/Improved Evasion – This is a purely physical quality stemming from training.
Uncanny Dodge – This is a purely physical quality stemming from training.
Summon Shadow – This is a magical* summoning of a creature from a lower frequency world (see: Layonara Cosmology), but the creature is not undead, despite NWN classifying it as such, nor is it any sort of “shadow elemental” or creatures of solidified shadow.
Shadow Evade – This is a magical* effect, much like a concealment spell but more like blending with nearby shadows rather than becoming blurry.
Defensive Roll – This is a purely physical quality stemming from training
Slippery Mind – This is a combination of physical and mental qualities that manifest over time due to a Shadowdancer's training.

* While some of a Shadowdancer's abilities have magical aspects to them, Shadowdancers are not necessarily aware that they are performing magic nor would they see it as casting spells. These manifestations are a product of the Shadowdancer's movement along with a component of will. A spellcaster may take note of these abilities and consider them spell-like, but a Shadowdancer without magical training will not consider them as such unless so-informed.

It should also be noted that a Shadowdancer cannot manipulate shadows of objects or people in any way except by what can be done by manipulating light and shadow through normal means. For example, they cannot make a person's shadow move, though they could produce a “shadow play” by casting shadows of their own from some source of light.

  • Hit Die: d8
  • Proficiencies: Proficiencies: Armor (Light), Weapons (Simple)
  • Skill Points: 6 + Intelligence Modifier
  • Skills:
    • Heal (Skill)
    • Hide
    • Listen
    • Lore
    • Move Silently
    • Persuade
    • Pick Pocket
    • Search
    • Spot
    • Tumble
  • High Saving Throw(s): Reflex
  • BAB: Second


  • Feats:
    • Dodge
    • Mobility
  • Skills:
    • Hide 10
    • Move Silently 8
    • Tumble 5


  • Level 1
    • Hide in Plain Sight
  • Level 2
    • Darkvision
    • Evasion
    • Uncanny Dodge I
  • Level 3
    • Shadow Daze
    • Summon Shadow
  • Level 4
    • Shadow Evade
  • Level 5
    • Defensive Roll
    • Uncanny Dodge II
  • Level 7
    • Slippery Mind
  • Level 10
    • Improved Evasion
    • Uncanny Dodge III


The epic shadowdancer is almost indistinguishable from the darkness that cloaks him.