The Blinding Lands

From The World of Layonara
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  • Location: Black Ice Isle - located northeast of Mistone along the northern shipping lanes and south of Bastil.
  • Size: 80,000 square statute miles
  • Capital City: here is no formally recognized central government and, thus, no capital city.
  • Population: 15,000: 55% human, 20% kobold, 10% orc, 10% giant, 2% dwarf, 2% dark elf, 1% brokanian
  • Founder: There is no founder as various attempts to colonize the land have all failed due to the harsh environment.
  • Current Ruler: None
  • Date of founding None
  • Notable towns and cities: None
  • Other notable locations: Caverns of the Menace, Firelight Tower, Great Spikes, Northern Spike

A great central mountain range is surrounded by severe, windswept plains, scattered forests of sturdy pines, and a deadly shoreline that only veteran sailors brave. The dark mountain range that covers most of the land has received the Trelanian name Great Spikes. The southwestern bay is known as the Bay of Stillwater and the northern, smaller one, as the Shallows of Stone since its waters are so full of rocks that any deep-keeled boat can easily run aground.