Unlimited Ammunition Training

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The most avid archers, those who rely on their archery skills, often prefer to maintain a variety of special arrows and enchantments. However, for those that just need that one trusty bow, or those who need highly specialized equipment, a bow can be magically "trained" to always shoot one type of arrow.

How to Train a Bow/Sling

  • You must be wielding the ranged weapon you wish to be trained and the ammunition for training must be slotted appropriately.
  • You must be near a ranged target (the bullseye archery target furniture placeable) to train.
  • You must train ten thousand (10,000) of the same type of arrows/bolts/bullets to create an unlimited ammunition ranged weapon.
  • Training is done by typing =c train
  • Each training attempt requires an Enchanting Oil. Both the slotted stack of ammuniton and the Enchanting Oil are consumed by the training, so you should train with ammunition stacks of five hundred (500).


  • Any ranged weapon (longbow, shortbow, sling, or crossbow) can be trained to have unlimited ammunition.
  • Only Hickory and Mahogany shafted arrows/bolts can be used for bows (Oak and Yew shafted arrows cannot be used for unlimited arrow training). Only Light and Serious Bullets can be used for slings.
  • Once a bow has unlimited ammunition training, it can never again fire any ammunition type other than the one in which it's trained. This means you cannot use slotted ammunition.
    • Since Elemental Enchantments are added to the ammunition itself, they cannot be used with an unlimited ammunition trained bow since the bow can no longer use slotted ammunition. For the very same reason, Alchemical enchancements (silver and titanium) also do not work.
  • You cannot add compound bow parts (cams) to a trained bow without losing the training. Since cams (to create compound bows/slings) are part of the crafting process, a new item (bow or sling) is created and the previous item is destroyed (in the crafting process). As such, any ammunition training is also lost. However, after a regular bow is crafted into a compound bow, you can then train ammuniton for the compound bow.
  • Mighty Components can be added to a trained bow.
  • Darkfire and Flame Weapon does not work on Unlimited Ammunition ranged weapons, but Greater Magic Weapon does work.
  • You can start training a bow with as many fitting arrow types (such as bronze-tipped raven-fletched hickory shafts) as you'd like. However, whichever arrow type reaches the 10,000 trained mark first locks the bow with unlimited ammunition of that type.
    • Your ranged weapon's description gets updated with a count of how many times you have trained a particular ammo-type.
    • For example, you might train one longbow with five hundred (500) iron-tipped stirge-fletched mahogany shafts, two thousand (2000) platinum-tipped owl-fletched hickory shafts, and three thousand (3000) adamantium-tipped falcon-fletched mahogany shafts. The bow's description would list all three ammunition trainings.
    • If you train ten thousand (10,000) platinum-tipped owl-fletched hickory shafts with that same longbow, the other training you did for the bow becomes obsolete and you can no longer train any other arrow for the bow. It will only shoot platinum-tipped owl-fletched hickory shafts from then onward.