Wizard Teleportation

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"The quick way, my boy! Poof! And you're there! Just, uh, be careful of what exactly your mind settles on when you initiate the magic... you don't want to end up inside a blueberry pie, no matter how lovely it is to think about blueberry pie ending up inside of you."


  • Upon logging in for the first time after reaching the 14th wizard level, a character will find in his/her inventory a wizard's tome of teleportation.
  • Activating the tome allows a PC to do two things:
    • Choose a destination.
      • A wizard can teleport to almost any destination they are familiar with. Of the few exceptions, some are due to out-of-character reasons (like preventing system abuse), and some are due to in-character reasons (like another powerful caster controlling the area).
    • Teleport to the chosen destination.
      • IC, it's possible for the teleportation to be interrupted or misdirected by another caster, though OOC, something like this could only occur through GM intervention.
  • Warnings:
    • Do not use the tome to teleport out of combat. The wizard's tome of teleportation is for role-play purposes and travel; it's not intended to be a way to avoid death in combat.
    • Do not use the tome to teleport from CNR areas to crafting stations and vice-versa. Again, the system is for RP, not to climb up the CNR ladders.