Changelog 5-50

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November 16, 2020


  • Fixed a floating AT in Zainge River
  • Make placeables in Hallowlight non static so their descriptions can be viewed
  • Fixed issue with ladders in some places not working
  • Fixed Kati's conversation
  • Fixed an issue with dub and intro and targeting the player
  • Fixed an issue with the PC emote wand always being returned
  • Fixed an issue with item split repeat
  • Fixed the text in the Death Popup GUI to reflect proper time
  • Fixed an issue with pipes where you could gain the benefits of a better leaf
  • Fixed an issue with players being able to attempt to login on startup too early
  • Fixed a typo in a conversation (firend = friend)
  • Fixed an issue with low INT and conversations
  • Fixed an issue with buying a house
  • Fixed an issue with too many item charges being taken on use


  • Update Alternate Combat Animations to latest Note: If you have a weird issue where your player moves independent of your camera, reset your fighting style with =c setstyle normal first, then set it back to what you desire, the conversion seems to have gone wonky.
  • Updated customization system, now includes ability to customize personal traits, use Craft Trap menu anywhere to change hair/skin colour, head, tattoos, portraits etc
  • Added new armor robes
  • Added new cloaks
  • Fixed more robes to work while horseback
  • All the above 5 means a lot of new downloads with nwsync but old stuff will get cleaned up too
  • Pipes can now be used in combat but the heal heartbeat isn't guaranteed like regen, it's a bit random
  • Updated Fort Llast Road (Thanks Tobias!)
  • Use new HiPS methodology for Rangers (nothing should have changed)
  • Reskinned Krandor Outskirts
  • Reskinned South of Krandor
  • Added random morning fog in rural/forestal areas