Changelog 4-23

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August 5, 2019

  • Added new commands =c colors to list colors available
  • Added command =c setnamecolor to set the color of your own name, for example =c setnamecolor orange
  • Fixed some tileset bugs
  • Added new icon appearances for missile shafts and some mushrooms
  • Updated loot drops to use new items with proper stacking/appearance
  • Fixed the starduster getting stuck and not disappearing
  • Clean up any meat or pelts left on the ground
  • Fixed some areas that weren't running the clean up script
  • Added a second runesmithing table to the two areas
  • Added Fish Press to One Eyed Harpy
  • Added furniture sizing, while in furniture mode use =c furnsize 0.8 for example. Valid values are 0.5-2.0
  • Fixed issue with crafting cards not showing a menu item as green when you have all the components
  • When crafting if your inventory is too full, the item will spill out on to the floor
  • Arrows now get created on the PC, not on the machine when crafted
  • Fixed areas not properly marked as Natural