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If submitting a subrace, please ensure the biography fits the given lore for the race.
Wemic, Brownie, Ghostwise Halflings, Sea Elf, Dark Elf or Goblin submissions will require substantial support as their basic circumstances of life differ greatly from the core races.

First time players are not allowed a subrace at this time.

First, a point of clarity for those pondering the lore in their subrace options. The subsets of certain races don't necessarily reflect lineage in the literal sense. Wemics are a mechanical subset of humans, for example, but they bear no relation in lore.

Monstrous races are quite a bit more rare in the 'adventuring population' and the more extreme subraces are eve less common. Due to the popularity of certain subraces, we have put in the artificial limiter for the races meant to be low population.

Finally, the fleshing out of subraces should be far more substantial. Each of them has a lore page to tell a bit more about what make them intrinsically different than their basic lineage. If what is contained in the lore pages doesn't answer your questions well enough, please feel free to come speak with us in IRC or post questions in the Ask A Gamemaster section of the forums. While we need the submissions to be well fleshed out, we don't intend to make you do so blindly.