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The first words of Grannoch when she created the giant races of Layonara were these: "My Children, I, Grannoch, Mother of Giants, am the One that is Four. The Four are One inside Me. Since I am the Four, none can be supreme."

Grannoch balances the elements, since she embodies all elements. All elemental powers are granted by Grannoch, and thus, all are equally powerful.

Three edicts have been issued that followers are expected to follow:

  1. Just as no element is better than any other, so no race of giants is better. Grannoch does not show favoritism. She expects her children not to fight over which giant race is better. This is both the first and most frequently ignored edict the kerekk has. There are legends passed down by the shaman of Grannoch expressing her anger at warring tribes of giants with wildly destructive storms or volcanic eruptions.
  2. No follower of Grannoch shall slay another. The second edict and the second most ignored; usually ignored in conjunction with the first.
  3. Protect your homes and families from those who would trespass and bring you harm. Grannoch decrees that her followers shall not kill each other or war to prove their superiority. She does not apply that to non-giants or those who do not worship her.
  • Aliases: All giants: Mother of Giants; Depending on race: Lady of Lightning, Shaper of Stone, Tamer of Flame, Mistress of Cold
  • Race: Giant
  • Worshippers: Usually Giants, Half Giants or Humans with some giant blood in their ancestry.
  • Governs: Earthquakes, Ice, Storms, Volcanoes
  • Mantras: Humble, Preserving, Private, Sedentary