Vierdri'ira: Prayers and Holy Days

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"Mother of Darkness, I ask for your eyes upon me as I prove my worth to you. Grant me aid in the demise of mine enemies so I can become of greater use to you and your cause. Aid me in the defeat of my obstacles so I may overcome all in your name." -Shri'Vrae, Weapons Mistress of Vierdri'ira

"Mother of Darkness, cloud the eyes of the enemy in darkness, so that they may walk into my ambush with open eyes and will not know what hits them until they hear the sound of our whips as we bring them their demise." -Unknown

Holy Days
The Coming of the Dark

The only holy day of the faith, the Coming of the Dark, is a day to commemorate the ascent of Vierdri'ira to goddess-hood. On this day, all dark elf cities are bathed in darkness, not a single torch or lantern is allowed to burn; to do so would be the ultimate blasphemy toward the Mother of Darkness and would lead to instant death. Children born on this day are thought to be particularly blessed by Vierdri'ira.