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Off the northwestern coast of Dregar is the icy island of Bastil. Formerly uninhabited, this was once the site of one of Blood's invasions from a rift in the southeast corner. Since then, the Black Ice Bay, a natural cove forming the southern center of the island, has become home to several bands of pirates. The island's cold, always a natural deterrent to prying eyes, has become even more of a barrier since the climate changes brought about by Bloodstone made the island even more inhospitable.

Landing in the cove is both difficult and dangerous, due to the ice floes that float in the bay. Only the most skillful captains can navigate through them safely. The cove itself shows no outward signs of life, but footprints, old fires, and corroborating statements from captured pirates clearly show that pirates reside there.

There are rumors that caribou and other herds of cold-weather grazing animals now roam the White Plains, though how they got there is unknown. The southeast part of the island is still without life at last survey. The rift is closed, but the land around it is composed of barren soil with black ice crusted over it.

Birds are sometimes seen in the icy areas west of the Northern Banks, and seals have also been spotted in those coastal waters and along the rocks. However, a closer look has been impossible to obtain, as the Northern Banks cannot be landed on by ship due to the large rocks jammed along the coastline.

Now it is home to the Whitefall Kingdom.