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Certain environments in the world of Layonara are so cold that no amount of clothing can stave off the numbing effects. Only the heat from a fire offers any hope of keeping the frostbite away. The longer a person stays in such a cold environment without a heat source, the longer it will take for the person to recover.

Mechanically, extreme cold, such as in the ice caves of Krashin, has the two effects of slowing movement rate and incrementally decreasing Dexterity. A Campfire provides the necessary heat to rejuvenate the numb limbs, gradually warming them back up, until the movement rate and Dexterity decreases are removed. Alternatively, a character will also slowly recover if they return to a warmer environment. Messages such as, "Your fingers are beginning to feel numb," will appear in the dialogue box to remind the player of the effects as well as to inform the player when his/her character is recovering.