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Nothing spells adventure quite like the ever-useful and often romantic campfire. Not only is it a source of light and heat, but it has been the catalyst for many a story and tall tale. All you need is a bit of tinder, some flint and steel, and you're in business.

Making a Campfire: Tinder and Flint and Steel can be purchased from any general store vendor. Tinder can also be created by using the Carpenter Tools bought at the Crafting Merchant on any branch of wood or by using Birch Bark. The character must drop the tinder, then use the flint and steel on the dropped tinder to produce a campfire. Tinder is consumed in the process of making the fire, but one flint and steel has twenty uses.

Uses of a Campfire: Characters can use campfires to cook raw animal meat or fish, and if a character has raw animal meat in their inventory, the campfire will appear with meat roasting on a spit. To cook the meat, simply use the meat on the campfire. Campfires also provide heat to help a character recover from the effects of Cold. Campfires last for fifteen turns (fifteen real-life minutes.)

Class Specific Uses:

  • Druid Ranger
    • Druids and Rangers can use a campfire to go foraging for food or wood.
  • Bard
    • Bard characters with high perform skills may be able to entertain the party while they rest by the fire. Upon a successful entertain attempt, the party will heal faster as they relax and listen to a song or tale.