Changelog 4-16

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July 14, 2019

  • Fixed some AI that had summons/creatures go into Detect mode
  • Filled Water Buckets are a bit lighter
  • Poison applications auto succeed now
  • Fix a broken transition in 118 Fort Llast
  • Fixed a bug when treating pipeweed that would cause the word Herbal to appear many times
  • Fixed the beetle minimum spawn amount in Falls Forest
  • Crafting tools won't break until at least 40 hours (1 game week) after first usage
  • Fixed spider silk cocoons not respawning
  • Use different icon for Graveyard Dirt
  • New Craft - Runesmithing
    • Added Fish Press to some kitchens, place any fish in to get Fish Oil (autosucced craft)
    • Added Bone Fragments when you skin creatures
    • Added Graveyard Dirt, Black Onyx, Oysters to more areas
    • Added Runesmithing Table to Moraken's Tower and Port Hempstead - Hall of the Al'noth
    • Added Runesmithing Tools and Runesmithing Recipe Cards to Crafting Merchants
    • Raw Black Onyx and Quartz Crystals must first be washed in the Mineral Bath to be used for Spell Components