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Runes are a consumable magical item that grant bonuses to the player. Below are tables and information on the runes.

Shadow Rune Tidal Rune Forestal Rune Al’noth Rune
Bone Glue Clay Adhesive Amber Resin Essence of Attach
Bone Fragment Fish Oil Birch Bark Angelica Leaf
Graveyard Dirt Powdered Limestone Maple Syrup Honey
Bucket of Water Lump of Clay Gum Arabic Enchanting Oil
-- -- -- --
Bone Glue Clay Adhesive Amber Resin Essence of Attach
Raw Black Onyx Pearl Mahogany Branch Raw Quartz Crystal
Gem Dust Gem Dust Gem Dust Gem Dust
-- -- -- --
Dust Save vs Skill Increase Damage Immunity Ability
Greenstone Poison Listen Positive STR, CHA
Malachite Disease Lore Divine WIS, CON
Fire Agate Fire Spot Fire CHA, CON
Aventurine Electrical Search Electrical WIS, STR
Phenelope Cold Taunt Cold WIS, DEX
Amethyst Acid Tumble Acid STR, CON
Feldspar Death Parry Sonic INT, CON
Garnet Mind Affecting Persuade Negative WIS, CON, DEX
Alexandrite Fear Discipline Slashing CON, CHA, WIS
Topaz Traps Disable Trap Piercing WIS, CON, STR
Sapphire Spells Spellcraft Magical INT, CHA, WIS
Fire Opal Reflex Perform Bludgeoning CHA, DEX, CON
Diamond Fortitude Heal All Elemental INT, DEX, CON
Ruby Will Concentration All Physical STR, CON, DEX
Emerald All All All All

Players can combine the same rune up to three times by using a rune on another rune. Only runes with the same core gem dust can be combined. Combined runes give higher bonuses but diminish the duration a little. Players can also combine one type of rune to another different type of rune of the same power and gem dust to combine the bonuses. This also diminishes its duration. The shortest duration for a rune's effects is 12 minutes, the longest duration is 24 minutes.

Save Bonus Skill Bonus Immunity Bonus Ability Score Bonus
I 2 2 5.00% 1
II 4 4 10.00% 2
III 6 6 15.00% 3

Example Usage

A PC crafts 3 Shadow Sapphire Runes, 3 Tidal Sapphire Runes, 3 Forestal Sapphire Runes and 3 Al'noth Sapphire Runes. The player uses Shadow Sapphire Rune I on another Shadow Sapphire Rune I to get a Shadow Sapphire Rune II. The PC then uses another Shadow Sapphire Rune I on the Shadow Sapphire Rune II to get a Shadow Sapphire Rune III. Repeat for all types.

The PC then uses Shadow Sapphire Rune III on Tidal Sapphire Rune III to get a Shadow Tidal Sapphire Rune III then does the same for the Forestal and Al'noth to get a Shadow Tidal Forestal Al'noth Sapphire Rune III. The PC then uses that rune before a big battle and it grants them a 12 minute bonus of +6 to Saves vs Spells, +6 to Spellcraft Skill, 15% Damage Immunity to Magical Damage and +3 to INT, CHA and WIS.


  • Runes can only be targeted on the owner or on another rune.
  • Runesmithing uses the DEX, INT and CHA abilities.
  • PCs need to purchase a Set of Runesmithing Tools to use this craft
  • PCs only need 1 Bucket of Water for Bone Glue, the bucket never empties
  • The adhesives recipes output 3 finished products when successful
  • Runes work in wild/dead magic areas
  • Bone fragments can be found on skinned creatures
  • Fish Oil can be extracted from any caught fish at the Fish Press in various kitchens