Prunilla: Temples

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"Spread my seeds throughout the lands. Just make sure you don't throw them at a giant."

The faithful of Prunilla is not known to make huge temples to Lady Comfort. She firmly believes her temple is kept in every field, smelled in every pie, and felt in the beating heart of a newborn child. As such, small shrines are seen in places where her clergy gathers to gossip or for celebrations of any kind.

These small yet beautiful shrines are often made into gardens where many flowers are grown and kept with great attention to detail, always sending hidden messages through what sort of plants are chosen for them or even keeping small fruit plants. Many clinics around the world also have small shrines to Prunilla to bless the newborn and pray for the ill.

Mask Gardens

The only real structured temple of Prunilla is found as a side building to Castle Mask in the southern plains of Dregar. Starting as a supply center for all the troops stationed in the surrounding area, the local castle militia kept complaining of the horrible quality of their foods and the even worse conditions their barracks were kept in. At that time, the local halflings simply had a small warehouse and a dispatch stand for all the farmers to drop off deliveries and a tiny clinic to tend to the long-term injured soldiers.

One of the many dreary mornings, after a brief skirmish with Blood's troops, the normal castle cook was injured by a stray arrow and couldn't perform his duties, so one of the halflings offered to make something quick for them at no charge. By the time the captains had repeated their fourth serving, they knew they had found a solution to their problems. From that day forward, funds began to be reserved for a full-fledged temple to be established and eventually a group of Lucky Clovers led by Peace Vaeran brought life back to the blood-soaked soils.

The Mask Gardens were born and since then, the soldiers take care of their halflings as they so warmly have come to call them. The temple now has a well-supplied clinic where all the soldiers (and their families) are treated with the gentle hand of caring healers, and the entire garrison in the castle and nearby areas are fed by the hands of followers of Lady Comfort.

The Kaima Caves

Deep within the Ire Mountains, within the valley where the Tribal Elders of the Spirit Dunes meet to council, sits a small cave that is easily missed by the uncaring eye. Within this cave, however, lies many of the secrets of the race and their close relationship to the lands that surround them. Blossoming within this cave are hundreds of plants (including herbs, flowers, fungi, and weeds) that were thought to be lost to time or changes in the weather. Many of these plants are known to be unique reagents for many alchemical concoctions of varying degrees of use, ingredients for famous teas with rare effects, and aphrodisiacs of all kinds to both mesmerize someone or instill euphoria in those who are not careful. Yet as unique as all the plants may be, the most peculiar feature in this cave is a small statue of Prunilla that lies deep within the green-lit halls.

This small, lifelike statue seems to have been carved out of the stone itself, surrounded by the most beautiful of gardens. Many claim that when one is not looking at it, the statue gazes from the corner of its eyes to anyone that might be visiting.

The purpose behind this statue or the cave itself is not really known, but the halflings of the desert and the mountains cherish this place as sacred and protect it fiercely against anyone who may try and claim its precious content.