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"Learn from what I teach, teach it to others, and make sure you have no leftovers."

Prunilla teaches her followers that a true life is led when tending to the soil under your feet and caring for those who surround you through it. Planting and harvesting are part of a simple cycle, and it is in the care of our people to spice that cycle with happiness and joy. Nurture the land as if it were your body, plant crops as if you were kissing your beloved, and tend them as if you were caring for your own soul. It is those things and those who you bring close to your heart that will bring fulfillment to your life. Family is the foundation of our society, the filling in our pie. If it is not properly blessed with pure love, it will begin to crumble. Thus, endure for those you love. By showing them the purity of your heart, they will survive the hardest of times.

"Life here is like a good pie. Ye got the rough outsides that are sometimes harsh to get through and not so easy on the teeth. But when properly baked, ye got a scrumptious, beefier taste. Then, ye got a cover that is soft and moldable. Ye can find anything on it really - all sorts of colors and shapes. What's most important is what's under. And that's where it all lies. In the heart. All sorts of flavors and tastes. Halflings are just that." - Daman Livenoak, Tribe Elder

  • Aliases: Lady Comfort, Lady of the Harvest
  • Race: Halfling
  • Worshippers: Halfling (primarily female)
  • Governs: Agriculture, Family, Food, Hearth and Home, Marriage
  • Mantras: Humble, Passive, Rural, Sedentary