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Preserve and protect life. The gift to exist is not one to be taken lightly; thus, one must lead an exemplary life devoted to benevolence and care. Tend to those who ail, and offer your gift of healing to make their stay in the mortal realm a wholesome experience. Yet once death has taken its toll, respect the passing and enjoy the fond memories of their life. Do not dwell on or mourn too long those who pass. Death is sadness - but without understanding sorrow, one can ­not understand happiness.

Promote health and the well-being of the mind and body before anything else. Any extension, transformation, alter­ation, or corruption to the natural forms and shapes of beings is an affront against the sanctity and purity of life and should be confronted at first with gentle lessons and benevolent teaching, and if such ways do not work, with a stern and firm stance instead. Violence is the last option; use it only on those who defy these teachings.

Undeath is the most blatant aberration to the sanctity and purity of life. Put them to rest by any means necessary so that their souls may reach their homes. Use the gift of the Caring Light to bring brightness to the darkest of places. Never succumb to dark temptations for they only bring a taint upon the spirit.

  • Aliases: Healing Light, Caring Light, Keeper of Life, Lifegiver
  • Race: Elf
  • Worshippers: Predominantly Elves
  • Governs: Dawn, Health, Vitality, Youth, Sun, Moons
  • Mantras: Caring, Peaceful, Preserving, Stoic