Allurial (Ship)

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  • Typical features Length 87 ft, Beam 22 ft, Depth 9ft. Tonnage 150 tons Crew: 10-15
  • Average Base Cost to Build 325,000 true
  • Average Time to Build 12-15 months

The Allurial is a small merchant vessel most commonly used in the coastal waters around Mistone. This class of ship was named in the honor of one of the previous Queens of Mistone. The appearance of this type of vessel varies according to the location where it was built. Some of the vessels have pole masts while others have the more typical setup, with separate mainmast and topmast with tops, shrouds and the rest. No matter the differences, what makes a vessel an Allurial are its bluff rounded bow and stern and high rudder.

Ships of this type often crowd the small ports around Mistone, but are typically not seaworthy enough to make the journey across the oceans to neighboring nations.