Almoran Class

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  • Typical features Length 135ft, Beam 30ft, Depth 18ft. Tonnage:1200 tons Crew: 150-500
  • Average Base Cost to Build 1,415,000 true
  • Average Time to Build 20-32 months

Perhaps one of the most sought-after types of vessels, the Almoran class ships were originally built in the ports of Dregar. As shipping expanded, other large shipbuilding ports around the world tried to copy the deep hulled Almoran class ships. While the Almoran class is not as popular as it once was now that faster and more seaworthy vessels are being built in various places around the world, it is a ship that still has its place on the oceans.

These days, it is very common to see these older type ships being refitted as pirate vessels; their combination of heavy firepower and large cargo holds make them ideal for buccaneers looking to plunder their way to wealth. Some versions of the Almoran ships sit lower in the water and are more weatherly and easily maneuverable. Others sit higher out of the water, and have been fitted with boarding platforms for ease of capturing an enemy ship.