Attack of Opportunity

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An Attack of Opportunity (AoO) is a single extra melee attack that is automatically taken when an enemy makes themselves vulnerable, such as moving in combat (see also Tumble or Spring Attack) or casting a spell. Enemies can take Attacks of Opportunity against Player Characters as well.

Situations which provoke AoO:

  • Drinking a potion
  • Casting a spell
  • Firing a ranged weapon in melee
  • Non-combat movement while in melee


  • An Attack of Opportunity is only taken for melee; a character using a ranged weapon will not take Attacks of Opportunity.
  • Taking an Attack of Opportunity will cancel other actions, such as casting a spell. One way spellcasters can avoid them is to carry a ranged weapon, since AoOs are only taken for melee.
  • The Mobility feat gives a character a +4 Dodge bonus to AC against Attacks of Opportunity.
  • The Spring Attack feat prevents enemies from taking Attacks of Opportunity against the character.
  • The Tumble skill gives the character a chance to avoid Attacks of Opportunity when moving in combat.