Baraeon Ca'duz

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"March into the darkness we did, but we were not lost. The dark is our ally, our strength; in it, we will spin our web of vengeance, silent and unseen by those whose eyes are not adapted to the dark. From the dark we shall strike, openly or secretly, with brute force or poison. The possibilities are endless as are the tactics of spiders. We will nourish ourselves on the vitality of our enemies and smile as they wither, knowing that there is no recourse, there is no hope. Revenge will be sweet and will be savored."

- The Book of Dark Silk, second and third paragraph

Vengeance is an art. Whether vengeance is swift and utterly devastating or a slow lingering demise, it is a dish best served with the cold of logic and the heat of hateful revenge. The Prince of Hate will look down favorably upon you if your subterfuge remains hidden to all but your target. Never lose sight of the ultimate vengeance on those who were our kin and follow the light. However, no slight is so large that it takes precedence over the annihilation of the Pale Betrayers. Cherish our spider allies. The only creatures to join the Prince of Hate after the betrayal. Watch and learn from their myriad tactics; eventually, our vengeance will be theirs as well.

  • Race: Dark Elf
  • Aliases: Prince of Hate, Lord of Spiders, Avenger
  • Worshippers: Dark Elf Males only
  • Governs: Cruelty, Darkness, Hatred, Spiders, Revenge
  • Mantras: Cruel, Selfish, Serious, Vengeful