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Brokanians are strange when compared to other races. A brokanian's body is covered with very light, almost invisible, tarnished yellow, snakelike scales. Each scale is about three fingers wide yet thin enough to meld with the skin to provide a smooth texture.

Their eyes sit in deep cavities within their skull. Their eyes are slanted and hide slitted, dark yellow pupils. This makes glib expressions hard to decipher even under the scrutiny of broad daylight.

The scales end around their faces, and their slightly elongated lizard-like head shows sharp and active features. Their nose is non-existent; instead, they have a single vertical slit that opens sideways as they breathe. They have large mouths that extend across the face up to the small stubs that act as ears. They are completely bald but have darker scales upon what would be the scalp, which gives this creature the impression of having a short cropped wig.

Brokanian gender is easy to distinguish; males have smooth heads and faces with quite clear features, while females have unique creases on their foreheads extending to the back of their heads forming beautiful layered crowns, which they often cover in jewels. The frame of a male is also less defined than that of females; the female brokanian being a creature of seduction.

Their hands have slender digits, two fingers and an opposable thumb, that have dangerous sharp nails that can slice through thick leather should they so desire, and they stand on two slim but muscular legs. This regal species is cunning and mysterious and needs to be taken with great care and consideration.

NWN specifics: This is not a playable race.