Changelog 4-02

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May 16, 2019

  • Fixed some typos
  • Removed/added map pins
  • Fix Storm of Vengeance to do Electrical and Acid not just Acid
  • Fix polymorph not merging all equipped items
  • Fix an issue where some stackable items were no longer able to be stacked
  • Fix some AoE spells to use our heartbeat instead of the engine heartbeat
  • Change death effects to impact base scores, no more skin.
  • Death effects now expire without the need to rest
  • Fix an issue with the text colour codes not being parsed at times
  • Add speaking in a language in party chat with =p
  • Language translation now shows up in chat window if you can understand, PCs who pass a lore check will understand what language it is but not the translation.
  • Fix =c setlang to be persistent over resets
  • Lower wind and shadow opacity to help with some high laggy areas (Port Hempstead Fields, Castle Mask Outskirts, Prantz - Haft Lake District)
  • Fix Precataclysmic Ettercap animations