Changelog 4-12

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June 20, 2019

  • Fixed an issue with recovering from death while dead messing things up
  • Fixed some issues with food and fishing stacks being used up in one usage (you may need to ox these items for the fix to work or split them manually before consuming)
  • Fixed an issue with Whirlwind being able to be spammed
  • Fixed an issue with Explorer Badge with Voltrex and Islands
  • Fixed an issue with Rune of Sanctuary being sold as stacks
  • Explorer Badges now show up in the quest journal
  • Perform more subrace adjustments with nwnx instead of skins
  • Log all GM activity thoroughly
  • Added visual cues for NPCs who have static quests. Floating VFX above their head indicate quest available or quest in progress, can be disabled with =c toggle noquestvfx
    • VFX Content provided by ia.Pepper from the vault
  • Added Early Winter tileset
  • Disabled selection of some races in char creation