Changelog 4-13

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June 30, 2019

  • Disabled DM Radial Kill for PCs... use the DM Kill widget instead
  • Fixed the Leaf Press only returning one smokeable
  • Fixed Orcs in Dantuc Outskirts not having loot
  • Fix map sharing not working
  • Fix an issue where clicking a plant a second time would change the amount of resources available
  • Added 500 stacks of ammo to Ranged Merchants
  • Tileset fixes
  • Fixed an issue with red crabs not spawning
  • Fixed an issue with birch bark being only a stack of 7
  • Fix Terrifying Rage to handle immunity properly
  • Fix entire stacks of crafting tools being destroyed (Enchanting Oil)
  • Fix cows and chickens eating entire stacks only as one
  • Fix horse merchant not selling saddle
  • Added a Built-In Text Editor to make scrolls using the Map Pin Interface (free for now, will require a notepad from merchant shortly)
    • Create a map pin any where in the area you're in using your game client by clicking the pin icon then pinning it somewhere
    • Enter: %Your Title on the first line, it must start with a %
    • Enter as much text as you want below the first line (you can even copy/paste from the forum for example)
    • When completed, delete the Map Pin from your map (click the map pin icon and click Delete), you will receive a scroll with the text you entered on it