Changelog 4-19

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July 20, 2019

  • Fixed the durations on Fox's Cunning and Magic Circle vs. from Hours to Turns
  • Fixed the method in which the Stardust falls to prevent them being unable to be reached
  • Fixed the campfire in Wolfswood Forest being out of the Safe Rest Area
  • Fixed the customizing machine erring on Cloaks
  • Fixed Alchemist's Fire item to work on custom weapons
  • Fixed a couple of Runesmithing issues with the recipe name
  • Fixed an area in the Great Forest where the cranberries were not accessible
  • Added Runesmithing to the Crafter's Top Ten
  • Added Tinker's Furnace and Public Forge recipe cards
  • Added =c findfeathers for animal lovers to search for feathers in areas with calmed birds instead of killing em
  • Added new icons for sandpaper