Changelog 4-25

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August 17, 2019

  • Fixed some tiles
  • Fixed the clean up with meats/skins
  • Fixed some persistent quickbar bugs
  • Updated the time between casts of weapon enhancements to benefit the offhand weapon
  • Arrows get renamed when enchantments are applied
  • Fixed locked gate in Bloody Gate
  • Fixed an issue with the Starduster not having enough time to drop the dust before disappearing
  • Fixed a floating tree stump in The Sinister Forest Marsh
  • Add Ranged Ammo Vendor to North Point
  • Add Ship Captain in Windjammers Bay - Goes to Hempstead, Leringard or Arnax
  • Ship Captain in Arnax goes to Windjammers Bay
  • Added new =c quiver for showing a quiver on your PC
    • Does not work for Brownie or Wemic
    • Is not illustrated when mounted
    • Can blend into the back of cloaks
    • Color of fletchings denote the type of arrow in use
      • Red, green, white, blue for fire, acid, cold, lightning
      • Black for Undead Damage
      • Purple for other Racial damage
      • Orange if Darkfire or Flame Weapon are cast upon it
  • Added new human heads
  • Changed the default metal textures
  • Changed the default Stoneskin, Barkskin, Shadowskin, Iceskin textures
  • Compiled tno01 tileset, may help improve performance in areas like Vehl, Stort, Lor etc
  • Fixed recipes for a few spell components