Changelog 4-27

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August 26, 2019

  • Players now log in where they last logged out after a reset, no more starting In the path then being portalled to where they were last
  • Add =c repeat split [n] - After splitting an item (or items) off a stack, run this command to repeat the split n times. If a number is not specified then it will repeat until the stack can not split again.
  • Fixed the enchanting bowl not being accessible by brownies
  • Mounting/dismounting no longer unequips cloaks it just sets them hidden/unhidden
  • Fixed a floating sand deposit
  • Made some various gems, wands, scrolls useable by Rangers
  • Changed appearances of Witch Hazel and Angelica to be unique
  • Warn players when leaving craft halls of items left on machines
  • Split water bottles of its drops in one usage
  • Split pies/breads/meats in one usage
  • Failed leather crafting will produce twisted leather strips