Changelog 4-28

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August 30, 2019

  • Fixed the garbage can warning people of things being left in it
  • Added =c recipe search <string>. For example =c recipe search mace will return all recipe names with the word mace in them.
  • =c map save is no longer necessary, map pins always save with every action, disabled the functionality as it can collide with the auto save
  • Added Legendary Levels 41-45
    • Character Sheet shows odd number to get to next level, use =c xp for the real information
    • Swapping of spells for casters during the level up process is currently not working, you'll have to stick to the spells you had at level 40
    • This is a WIP, if we discover critical bugs then we may have to revert
  • Fixed weapon crafting kit stack being destroyed and not decremented when customizing