Changelog 4-29

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September 4, 2019

  • Fixed an issue with Spellsword ignore spell failure feat
  • Added =c autointro which will automatically do =c introarea [name provided] when you use the Quickchat Hello command. Example =c autointro Plen. You can turn off with =c autointro off
  • Added =c sethp {MIN|MAX|RANDOM} to reapply all your level up HPs acquired to the specified argument. I've always felt the tediousness of players having to go through their level up process continuously until they get the MaxHP (or MIN for those weirdos like Ozy) is silly. I also feel like some people don't know they can do this and this is an unfair advantage. I also feel like some people didn't learn this until later and regret missing out on more HP at earlier levels.
  • Added =c relation for clerics which will illustrate various coloured exclamation marks above the other PC's head defining the cleric's deity's relationship with the target's deity for 60 seconds. Red = Enemy, Purple = Unfriendly, Blue = Friendly, Green = Allied, Yellow = Same Deity
  • Added a VFX placeable marker at every Area Transition so finding ATs is not as difficult. Clicking the VFX will also work like a transition.
  • Examining a PC will show you what name they know you as.
  • Fixed an issue with pies only producing one slice when used
  • Fixed an issue with the Stick of Charcoal destroying entire stacks when used to make Powdered Carbon
  • Gold stacks do not count towards a placeable's item count restriction
  • Fix Arnax direction after walking from outskirts