Changelog 4-30

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September 9, 2019


  • Cleaned up a ton of tile models fixing problems and generally making them more efficient, might help frames in some areas (Port Hempstead Fields is an example)


  • Introduce new surface material auto speed changes. Speed up on paths, slow down in swamps/mud/sand/snow/water module wide. Slow downs can be avoided with Woodland Stride or Freedom of Movement. The slow downs in sand and snow are just slight. This relies on a tile's surface material being correct so if it's set incorrectly things may be a bit weird, like you'll move fast in a swamp etc. We'll get those tiles cleaned up as they're discovered.
  • Changed the Cherry Trees to be real cherry trees
  • Reskin rural to be a bit less green and more brown
  • Produce charcoal on campfire fade/destroy
  • Client enter speed ups

Builder things

  • Added NWIC placeables
  • Updated palettes
  • Convert all gff to json for better versioning
  • Use nasher for building the module