Changelog 5-20

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October 10, 2020


  • Fixed issue with garbled spell feedback with weird characters
  • Fixed some empty encounters in Arindor's Demise
  • Fixed a forest giant's axe shaft not appearing
  • Fixed issues with random quests acting weird
  • Fixed a pawn broker voiceset in Creedo
  • Fixed a black bear's faction at the Tower of Nature
  • Fixed losing stacks when crafting
  • Fixed acid/sonic weapon visuals disappearing
  • Fixed shield guardian animations
  • Fixed Natural setting in Forgotten Path
  • Fixed an issue with the Ioun Stone vfx
  • Fixed Honey Smoked Salmon only giving 1 slice, should have been 4
  • Fixed message board always being blank
  • Fixed troll animations


  • Converted Layonara to 64 bit 8193.16
  • Vaultkeeper only gives you options for certain denominations if you have those quantities available
  • Get rid of Gem of Rememberance in favour of new SQLite persistence on the bic
  • DM Logins are now restricted by cd key and player name
  • New Thunderpeaks map for area that seemed to always crash (Thanks HellBlazer!)
  • Music now part of nwsync, no need for separate download
  • Cleaned up subrace/prestige class handling a bit more
  • Some subraces can now be selected directly at character creation
  • Added new load screens and updated many
  • Changed portal appearances in places
  • Changed the gaming table appearance in the Scamps Mug
  • Opened some Kuhl areas up due to plot changes
  • Added hunger/thirst icons
  • Updated Lake Splendor (Thanks HellBlazer!)
  • HIPS for Rangers is now automatic with stealth in natural areas, no need for feat usage any more
  • Updated appearance on some creatures
  • Added many different birds
  • Added new head models
  • Loads of module clean up, including fixing many conversations to now use GetScriptParam()
  • Added a few new areas near the Fields of Demise
  • Reskinned a couple areas

Builder things

  • Added NWN2 Building Placeables
  • Added random ambient commoner system, not yet placed in any towns though
  • Added Keep Interior tileset
  • Added Karst Cavern tileset
  • Added Wooden Elven Interiors tileset
  • Added CODI Bloodwar tileset
  • Added placeable lighting in the Visual Effects category