Changelog 5-30

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October 25, 2020


  • Fixed an issue with visualfx placeables (things like webs in Center - Nest, the red cloudy stuff in Krandor crypts) to be more efficient
  • Fixed Shifter's Tower not showing
  • Fixed some inaccessible and floating objects in new areas
  • Fixed a bug with Ranger HIPS


  • Added missing minimaps for Bloodwar and Deep Cavern tilesets
  • Cleaned up Forest, Mines and Caverns and Foothills tilesets, compiled models for faster loading
  • Converted portraits to dds from tga for faster loading
  • Cleaned up many conversations to use new GetScriptParam
  • Random NPC Quests can now be accessed through conversations by clicking the NPC
  • Random NPC Quests now show up in your journal, all historical ones are shown in the Completed section as well. Completed RNQs can be turned off from showing in your journal by using =c toggle hide_rnq_journal
  • Food and thirst now gives feedback when you eat/drink something
  • Added a new quest in Fort Miritix
  • Added ambient commoners to Center
  • PCs no longer are forced animation and delay when using items with Unique Power, action is instant
  • Disarm has been changed to be dropped into ones inventory with a cooldown of 30 seconds before allowing to be able to re-equip
  • New Path to Ire Mountains and Path to Ire Mountains cave added (Thanks HellBlazer!)
  • New feats, Greater Weapon Focus and Greater Weapon Specialization

Builder things

  • Added new Mirkwood Swamps tileset
  • Added door to crypt in Medieval Rural
  • Fixed some door references
  • Added special PostString font for deity images