Changelog 5-32

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October 29, 2020


  • Fixed a TMI error with Irresistible Dance
  • Fixed some unreachable aloe in Forest of Mists
  • Fixed an unreachable copper vein in Sielwood Cave
  • Fixed an improper door in River of Oaks cave entrance to Kenku lair
  • Fixed an issue with the healkit application doing weird conjuring of last spell effect
  • Fixed an issue with RNQ NPCs expiring but their status not updating for another 1 game day
  • Fixed an issue with custom weapon focus feats being off by a number, messing prerequisites


  • Reskinned Hallowlight Forest which through many years of dedicated effort thanks to the effort of The Pack, lead by Fehriel has returned to its beauty.
  • Reskinned Fort Llast
  • Reskinned Zainge River
  • Restored an old quest NPC, now placed in Leringard
  • Changed the water to the new base game water in two tilesets