Changelog 5-65

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January 26, 2021


  • Fixed issue with horse merchant showing low intelligence answers
  • Fixed issue with horse merchant when buying black horse
  • Removed a map pin in Vanavar for non-existent merchant
  • Removed a convo note about a portal being cross-server
  • Fixed Johan's pelt quest
  • Fixed some floating placeables in a few spots
  • Fixed Glacial Colossus appearance
  • Fixed metal texture material not showing up unless highlit
  • Fixed crypt tile crashing (Should fix Temple of the Bear crashes)
  • Removed a dwarf robe model causing a crash


  • Disable being able to put custom random loot on oxes
  • Updated XP for Under the Withered Lands boss
  • Added hundreds of new portraits, you can change yours with the Customization Menu
  • Portraits are now all accessible in character creation
  • Restored Caverns of the Menace areas (24 high level areas), however, they are inaccessible for now until play tested by a party with DM oversight (either as player or DM). Entry point will be determined through a quest.

Builder things

  • Bug reports now post directly to GitHub for me to manage easier
  • Bug reports now include the tile name