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You are ready to submit your first character? Excellent. Use this walk through to submit a character that will fit with our guidelines. There are alternatives to creating a character on your own as well. You can look over the characters in the Character Stable, most of which need little to no editing for approval. You may also look into the Character Library for some ideas submitted by other players to help you get a jump start on an idea. These aren't ready to go but sometimes help give others a flash of inspiration to run with. Make sure you post a request to take the idea if you find one that interests you.

For creating characters, most of our process is fairly self explanatory but for people new to the hobby or in need of a refresher we have full guidance in this section to take you through each step of the way. Click through on any portions that you need assistance with have questions about or click through them all to get the full run down. At the end there is also a section that deals with a lot of things that come up regularly that are associated with submissions but you don't necessarily need to know starting up. That FAQ is helpful throughout your time here on Layonara, so you might want to keep it handy.

If you still need some guidance, you can post questions on the forums (under the Ask a GameMaster heading is usually best) or hop on over to our Discord channel.

Make sure you read the rules in the rules section. Submitting your character signals that you've read them and agree to abide by them.

If this is your very first character:

If this is your very first charater, we have a few special rules on what you can and can't submit. We're pretty sure that any player coming to Layonara is capable of handling the mechanical aspects of the game. However, we have a world steeped in lore and roleplay and over the years we've found that first time players often struggle with picking up everything for the heavier class, race and alignment combinations, sometimes resulting in unintentional penalties. We encourage you to spend a couple of weeks exploring the world without those extra obligations. If you're ready to take on the challenge of those more lore steeped classes/races/alignments after your two (2) weeks you are welcome to submit a new character. You can have up to eight (8) characters per player.

Please follow the Character Submission Questionnaire