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Constitution represents the health and stamina of your character. High Constitution increases the number of Hit Points a character has (affecting how much damage they can take), and this makes it important for everyone, but especially so for Fighters. If Constitution ever increases, hit points increase retroactively as well. Spellcasters also need a strong Constitution to keep their spells from being interrupted during combat. Your Constitution modifier is added to all Fortitude saving throws.


  • Any living creature has at least 1 point of Constitution.
  • Having a score of 0 means that the character is dead (all undead have a Constitution score of 0).
  • A creature with no Constitution score has no corporeal body (a spectre, for example).
  • Creatures with a score of 0 or no score at all are immune to any effect that requires a Fortitude save unless the effect works on objects. For example, a zombie is unaffected by any type of poison but is susceptible to any kind of disintegration. The creature is also immune to ability damage, ability drain, and always fails Constitution checks.