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Design and fashion differ from region to region in Layonara and indeed, many adventurers seek unique designs. Have the right look and people don't easily forget you. Every craft hall maintains an area devoted to design, and there are those who make a living designing for the wealthy and nobility of the lands. The charge for such depends on the difficulty of the material to manipulate.

  • There are four devices used for Customization Crafting:
    • Fletcher's Table: Used to customize wooden shields and weapons, including bows.
    • Forge: Used to customize metal armor, weapons, shields, and helms.
    • Loom: Used to customize clothing and cloth armor.
    • Tanner's Pool: Used to customize leather armor.
  • The skills Craft Armor and Craft Weapon apply to overcome the DC to alter armor and weapon design.
  • There is a gold cost to make alterations, automatically taken from your inventory upon both failed and successful attempts to customize a section of a set armor or a weapon. If the character does not have the gold required in their inventory, they will not be able to make the alteration.
  • The better the material, the higher the alteration DC will be, and the higher the gold cost will be.
  • To activate the Customization Crafting devices, a player simply has to click on the appropriate device with the item to be altered equipped on their character.