Deliar: Sects

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Griffon Traders

Originating from the city of Port Hempstead, a group of traders from the merchant guilds were constantly strained by the severe taxations the city presented and decided to start a trading group that would make an effort to donate their dividends in city charity and gain taxing grants. The idea of not taking all the gains into their own pockets, seemingly unheard of by most merchants, was so appreciated by the local Deliarite clergy that they decided to join their ranks and support their cause in any way. Since then, the Griffon Traders have grown to become a society of craftsmen and merchants who work together to fund infrastructures for the cities around southwestern Mistone and hopefully eventually extending to the rest of the continent and beyond. They deploy analysts and architects to examine the conditions of locales around the continent. When one of them discovers a place needing some economical help, they integrate it into their programs. The Griffon Traders have teachers, clergy, a network of supplies, and many so-called adventurers within their ranks to aid in the support of this cause.

Many do not agree with their methods, particularly those who were previously benefiting from the lesser comforts of those that are being helped and that this entity always comes attached with the teachings of the Lucky Wanderer makes many within the nobility and controlling forces very uncomfortable. Although the Griffon Traders do not truly wish to be the cause of conflict, as they are devout to Deliar, they will not stand before the hands of oppression.

The Undiscovered Path

This sect of the Deliarite followers'comprised mainly of clergy who focus on the exploration of new opportunities around the world, but with many trackers, rangers, and the occasional unbound rogue or bard within their ranks'specializes in the threading of new locations for trade and exchange to occur. The love of finding new treasures in the unknown is enough to make them consider going into the most inhospitable places and attempt to find feasible means of trade and perhaps a treasure or two. The Undiscovered Path promotes freedom before anything else and their ranks are somewhat colorful. A fact that speaks greatly of how unique they are when considering that the normal clergy of Deliar are mainly comprised of already colorful halflings. Many esoteric philosophers or self-acclaimed heroes make up their ranks and while many things may seem unexpected when dealing with a member of this sect, one thing that is never lacking is the guaranteed amusement or entertainment involved in their daily routines.