Deliar: Temples

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The real temple of Deliar lies on the road. While some of the faith gather at convenient locations near markets or town meeting places, Deliar's temples are always mobile. Whenever a halfling sets up a small shop, they make sure that proper blessings to the Lucky Wanderer are made and the stand effectively becomes a place of worship for them. In established locations, the local banks often act as a temple as well if the ones administering it are faithful to Deliar; however, this occurs far less often as a trend. The only true lavished and prosperous temple of Deliar sits within the city walls of the city of Port Hempstead.

Port Hempstead Temple

Situated before the memorial of the Crimson Eagles, this temple of Deliar once used to be a simple warehouse that was refitted into a bank and storage facility when the city faced a change in administration. The enterprising Pincher Family, funded by wealthy merchants needing security for their goods, decided to establish a center for the faith as well. Because many merchants opted to keep their goods with them, the place grew and grew until it became a grandiose feature of the city.

Eventually, the rather rustic warehouse looks were remodelled into an ivory white marble and brick building. Decorated with gold and fiery themes of griffons and maritime regalia, the symbols of the city, it became a building to represent a new era of great wealth and success in the city. The Pincher family has administered it ever since. With the front of the temple acting as sales point for many merchants and a bank, the second greater half of the building houses the temple proper where the faithful are given free lodging and a place to practice their trades.

The temple's final addition was a trading school funded by Triba Gues. This place of learning is where many crafters go to learn or teach the details of their trades with a greater focus on benefiting those who are in need'rather than just crafting for the sake of it.